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We are



Nursery, nursery, tree nursery, place where seedlings grow. A place where a small seedling is planted in the ground, so that after years the tree that has grown from it will give a harvest and make you happy.

How different are the plants –

here is a small berry bush,
here is the sun-loving peach
here’s a garden apple tree,
here the sweet cherry that knows and attracts its value.
How different are we and our dreams –

for the first planted apple tree in your garden,
for a large, well-groomed commercial garden that prides itself on its common,
for a flowering rose bush that we give to a loved one,
for a well – deserved moment of rest under flowering fruit trees, for the pleasure of taste by picking a sweet cherry berry from the tree itself.
Whatever the dreams and plants, they all have similarities. They must be planted in fertile soil, cared for, cherished, put to work and time, and then bear fruit and rejoice.

Z / S “Liepas” nursery wishes everyone to plant their dream, cherish it and get real satisfaction from the work, because

Planted dreams produce!

Sincerely, the head of the nursery “Liepas”:
Zaiga Apse