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About nursery

Z/S "Liepas"

Z/S “Liepas” founder Zaiga Apse 1993. on the basis of enthusiasm with the aim of establishing a fruit growing nursery. Rapid development of the nursery began in 2000 with the introduction of fruit tree container planting, winter grafting of fruit trees. Currently, the nursery is a thriving company that is known for its products throughout the territory of Latvia, the Baltic States and Scandinavia.

ZS “Liepas” nursery is a member of the “Latvian Fruit Growing Association”, a member of the “Plant Breeders’ Association” and a member of the board, registered with the State Plant Protection Service.

Our activity

Activity specialization:

  • Container plants for fruit trees, berry and rose plants;

  • Bare-rooted seedlings of fruit trees and berrie bushes;

Areas of activity:

  • Private garden owners;

  • Commercial gardens;

  • Plant trading and landscaping companies.

Operating principles:

  • Stable – Semi-dwarf, dwarf apple, apple, plum, cherry, pear, berry bushes plants. Large assortment of varieties for both commercial and small gardens.

  • Interesting – Peaches, apricots, blueberries, family apples, columnar apples for a delicious accent, decorative apples and roses for beauty.

  • Especially – A large selection of sweet cherry bare roots and container plants from yellow to dark red.

  • Beneficial – We offer a wide selection of both bare root and container plants. If you are not able to plant in time in a hurry, do not worry – container plants can be safely planted from spring to autumn. Also in summer!

  • Convenient – You do not have to go to the nursery to buy seedlings. Call us! We deliver larger orders on site. You can also buy small quantities of seedlings as close as possible to your garden, because we sell all over Latvia.

Safe – The nursery is registered and inspected by the State Plant Protection Service (in Latvia – VAAD). Plant passports. We accept orders for growing plants for commercial gardens.

Seedlings grown just for you!